Construction Law

Attorney Stephen P. O’Hare practices in the area of construction law. He has over 30 years of experience in construction contracting, litigation, dispute resolution and avoidance, and counseling. He has litigated or arbitrated cases involving contract formation, breach of contract, defective or failed materials and structural systems, extra work, delays, acceleration, inefficiency, changed conditions, incomplete design, defective design, abandonment, payment and performance bonds, lien foreclosure and priority, utility interferences, joint ventures, public bidding, and prevailing wages as well as a broad range of other types of claims encountered in today's complex construction industry. Attorney Stephen P. O’Hare has handled these types of claims in both the public and private sector, as prosecution and defense, and from the varying vantage points of owners, contractors, subcontractors, design professionals and sureties. His active litigation experience involves numerous trials, both jury and non-jury, complex arbitration proceedings, extensive motion practice, and briefing and arguing appeals in both state and federal courts. His experience has included close work with engineering, architectural and scheduling consultants on matters including material failures, structural failures and delay analysis. In addition, he has devoted considerable time to contract negotiation and to general business counseling.