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Probate is a confusing process, made worse by the fact that family members are often grieving while trying to handle their deceased loved one's estate. An experienced probate lawyer from Stephen P. O'Hare PLLC can help you manage your responsibilities as executor of an estate.

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Wills and trusts don't need to be intimidating

Wills and trusts don't need to be intimidating

Do you want to relieve your surviving relatives from some of the stress caused by the division of your estate? Plan ahead with help from Stephen P. O'Hare. We handle wills and trusts in Hyde Park, New York and the surrounding area.

A will allows you to:

  • Name a power of attorney and health care proxy
  • Decide who will inherit your estate
  • Choose an executor to handle your estate

You can also create trusts to deliver property directly to your surviving friends and family without going through probate.

Drafting and signing a will requires several legal steps. An experienced estate planning lawyer can guide you through the process. Call 845-452-4090 today to ask a lawyer about wills and trusts in the state of New York.